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 Hi 4th Grade Families,

Happy Friday and start of the weekend! We hope you have fun family plans and can enjoy the beautiful, warm fall weather together. 

The end of the first units in social studies, math, reading, and writing are all upon us. As we do our fun culminating activities and end of the unit assessments this week, I’d love to share how you can help your students prepare and what to look forward to next!

Social Studies/Science

Students are working on researching primary sources and putting an ebook together using Book Creator about their assigned “Before It Was Colorado” topic. They are finishing up their research (on a shared Google Doc in today’s lessons) and will be working in teams to enter this information in Book Creator next week to share on Wednesday. Their task is to find at least 5 truths and put in one fib that we have to try to guess as a class after they present. On Thursday, our first unit of science, called “Earth Systems” will begin!


Students took their mid-assessment for unit 1 this week online. Their assessments are graded and in Google Classroom to study. We will have a “bootcamp” learning day and review game day before taking the end of unit assessment on Wednesday. All outstanding/late assignments are available still in ThinkCentral and will expire on Sunday. Please have your child sign in and see if they have any assignments still to do in “Things to Do” and finish those as practice in ThinkCentral before the end of Sunday. Students will be bringing home corrected mid-assessments in their blue folders on Monday to also study in preparation for the end of the unit assessment on Wednesday. On Thursday, we will begin unit 2’s “Multi-Digit Multiplication.”


In reading, our first unit about realistic fiction, called “Interpreting Characters” is coming to an end soon. We are looking forward to finishing our read aloud, “Tiger Rising,” and learning all we can about characters so that we can think deeply about our stories and become great fiction writers as well. 

Word Work

Our assessment for the first week of word work was today. We have been studying prefixes. This next week, we will continue with affix learning and receive word parts and definitions to suffixes. Students can continue to study the affix word list in their homework binders, and we will make flashcards for studying again on Wednesday. 


Our first unit on writing realistic fiction is coming to a close as well. They have learned a lot about dialogue, story development with a story arc, leads, and endings. Students are finishing up editing and revising their stories in their Google Classroom writing document, called “My Writing Journal.” Please take a look at their writing sometime over the weekend and listen for ideas and then read over with them to help them finish up their editing. We will be publishing these stories this next week! 


Students received their recorders yesterday for music. Please keep these at home, as all music classes are remote this year and students are not allowed to play recorders at school. Their first lesson is up in Google Classroom and the directions for submitting their work is there as well. Thanks!

Friday Rewards

Each week, students are able to earn a fun reward by showing SOAR qualities throughout the week. If they show leadership by showing SOAR and turn in homework on time (with no more than 3 “outs” per week), they are invited to join us for the short Friday fun. Today, we were able to break out the class parachute and have a little fun with that. Other rewards might include extra recess time, brain break dancing, or being able to participate in another fun project, such as extra Prodigy game time. Students start fresh with a “clean slate” every Monday. I am hoping we can all earn the reward for next Friday!

Thanks so much! I appreciate all the extra you do to help your child at home every day. Have a wonderful weekend!

With appreciation, 

Mrs. Vallory Darting, M. Ed. 

4th Grade Teacher

Blue Heron Elementary