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Hi 4th Grade Families,

We hope you are having a wonderful Friday! It has been another wonderful week of learning. We enjoyed celebrating Constitution Day yesterday and have had a lot of fun with our learning together. Here are your weekly 4th grade updates:


  1. Writing- Students have a homework assignment to share about their “messy dog” stories (in their yellow notebooks) that they wrote on Thursday. They need to share their story with an adult and journal about the adult’s reaction in their yellow notebooks. 

  2. JCPL Library Card #- Students will need access to their Jefferson County Public Library (JCPL) card number and PIN for social studies research this next week. Please write the card number and PIN on the last page of their planner/agenda for them to access the site while at school. If your child needs to sign up for a library card, you can do it online here

  3. Independent Reading- Students should be reading 30 minutes each night as homework for literacy.

  4. Classwork- Thisyear, most classworkis done online. Classwork that isn’t finished in class (e.g. for math in ThinkCentral) should be finished nightly at home. 

  5. When Absent- Each day we upload the “Daily Lesson Slideshow” to our Google Classroom. In-class students access the slideshow to follow along in each subject and to find and participate in the assignment links. If a student is absent, though they will not have live teacher instruction, they will have access to everything they need to participate and complete each day’s lessons asynchronously.

Material/Supply Updates

  1. Please have students bring earphones daily. 

  2. Please charge student Chromebooks nightly and bring them to school daily.

  3. 2 Chapter Books

  4. Personal hand sanitizers are no longer allowed per district guidelines. However, each classroom is stocked with bottles of hand sanitizer for student use. 

4th Grade Units

Our first units of the year will be coming to an end by the end of September. In social studies, students will be participating in a culminating research project in class about “Before It Was Colorado.” In math, we will be preparing for and assessing the unit: “Place Value and Multi-Digit Addition and Subtraction.” In reading and writing, students are wrapping up their units about interpreting characters and writing realistic fiction stories. 

MAP Testing

Beginning of the year MAP math and reading assessments have been completed. Students have analyzed their results and have made a MAP RIT number goal and have written MAP goals for the year based on their most needed subcategories. We will continue to use this data to practice MAP-related assignments and to work with students on their specific goals. Our next MAP assessment check will be in December. 


Students are assigned math classwork in ThinkCentral. They are able to access their work from home, and we ask that they finish any unfinished work at home each night. From student Chromebooks, students can log in by clicking the “ bookmarks” at the top left corner of the internet browser window. They are to sign in with their school Google account ( and click on “Things to Do.” If there is no listed assignment, families are able to still access old assignments and even go over problems missed by clicking “Old Assignments.” 

Back-to-School Curriculum Night

Our grade-level Back-to-School Night presentations went out school-wide this past week. If you were not able to view our 4th grade presentations, or you would like to view again, here are the links:


Have a wonderful weekend. Looking forward to seeing the kids on Monday!


Your Blue Heron 4th grade team, 

Mrs. Vallory Darting, M. Ed.

Mrs. Katie Nardi, M. Ed.