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 Hello 5th Grade Families,

It was great to see each of you last week at conferences. Thanks for making time to come see your child's work, progress, and goals. Looking forward to seeing you again for conferences in the spring!
Field Day
By golly, I do believe that we will have Field Day tomorrow! Remember to have your child wear purple or their new purple Field Day shirt. Lunch will be about 12:15 (out on the hill) and activities will begin at 1pm. 
Thursday Math Groups
We have began the second math unit, Adding and Subtracting Decimals, and have organized students into one of three classrooms, once again, based on learning styles and pace needs. However, students may have had a different math classroom today. To accommodate band and orchestra students who miss some math on Thursdays (and minimize the disruption to students who do not attend but are affected by the students coming and going), ALL students who take band/orchestra will go to Mrs. Knox for math each Thursday. Mrs. Snowden and I will share the remaining students so that we can teach the scheduled constructed response lesson and go over homework from the night before more easily. As of now, math HW will continue to be each Wednesday evening.
In science and STEM, we are just beginning our Weather Unit this week! Our learning will begin with the causes of weather and ways to measure weather. This is a relatively short unit and will last for the next few weeks.
We are finishing up our unit on comparing and contrasting characters. Next, we will begin our unit on non-fiction text features. 


In writing, we have begun our unit on short stories! During this unit, we are learning about the different genres of short stories, elements of narrative stories, how to write strong openers, effective transitions, and how authors use figurative language. Their story ideas are amazing. I cannot wait to see the finished projects. 
The Halloween party will be on the 31st from 9:45-10:30am. The parade will begin at 9:20. Thank you for signing up to help bring items or to help at the party. It is going to be a blast! If you would still like to sign up to help, please see the link in the newsletter email. 
SOAR Party and End of Trimester
The next SOAR party is November 2. The reading log for October is due Wednesday, November 1st. The end of the trimester is that week too. You will be receiving report cards in Friday folders before Thanksgiving break.
Hope to see you tomorrow for Field Day. Have a wonderful weekend!

Mrs. Vallory Darting, M.Ed.

5th Grade Teacher

Blue Heron Elementary School