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5th Grade Families,

Thanks for coming to Back to School Night last night. It was great to see you! If you were unable to attend or would simply like to view our Canva presentation again, here is the link- 
Also, if you would like to help contribute to our classroom book library by purchasing books for your own child at the same time, we have a personalized class site you can visit and easily purchase books online through Scholastic. Reading helps increase student achievement, and this is a fun, easy way to view and choose grade-level books of lots of different genres. Orders are due Sept. 15th! 

Class Code - GTGMD

Order Due Date - 09/15/2017

You can find our class site here- 
Thanks so much! Have a wonderful rest of the week.

Mrs. Vallory Darting, M.Ed.

5th Grade Teacher

Blue Heron Elementary School

Littleton, CO