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 Hi 5th Grade Families,

It's Young Ameritowne Day and the kids (and adults) are SO excited! This is what all the lessons and anticipation has been for! We will be leaving right at (or before) 9:15am, so please make sure you child is to school on time so they do not miss the ride to YAT Belmar. Parents who are signed up to help, please drop your child off as soon as need be to make it to YAT by 9am for a quick orientation. We'll let them in early. We will join you about 9:30. 
Yesterday, students brought home a blue math packet with all the math concepts learned in 5th grade that might show up on the Math CMAS next week as homework last night. Please go over each page and quiz your child on each concept to make sure they are prepared for Monday. Do do not need to bring this back to class. Here is the Math Review Google Slides slide show we used for each of the pages, if you and/or your child would like to refer back to any of the information- 
Also, to prepare for the Science CMAS coming up in two weeks, each grade level at Blue Heron has helped compile a nifty Science Review Google Slides slide show of each of the units learned in science from kindergarten through 5th grade. We will begin reviewing this slide show in class on Friday or Monday, but if you would also like to look at it with your 5th grader and quiz them over concepts to prepare them for the science assessment, please use this link- 
Thanks so much for your help! Here we go...

Mrs. Vallory Darting, M.Ed.

5th Grade Teacher

Blue Heron Elementary School

Littleton, CO