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Current Newsletter


Hi 4th Grade Families,

We hope you had a restful, enjoyable Thanksgiving week. Thanksgiving is a great time to reflect on our blessings and partake in family traditions. Among our many blessings, we count you, our students and families. As we begin, once again, on this remote learning journey for the next three weeks, we wanted to take this moment to recognize that it isn’t an ideal situation, but we can work together to make it a productive learning experience! We have worked hard to make the next few remote weeks a fun learning experience for the students. It is our hope that we can give each other grace and patience as we navigate this online learning world once again. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Important Upcoming Dates

Nov. 30: Remote Learning Starts - Students join us live on Zoom at 9:00. The link is in our slideshow.

Dec. 1: Catalog Order Pick Up at 3pm

Dec. 3: Late Original Works Due (for delivery in January)

Dec. 21-Jan. 5: No School (Winter Break)

Catalog Order Pick Up

From PTA: “We want to thank everyone who participated in our catalog fundraiser. If you happened to use an order form for delivery to the school or indicated online for anything to be delivered to the school for the catalog orders, they will be delivering your items to Blue Heron at 3:00pm, this Tuesday, December 1st. Please place a paper with your student’s name in the window of your car and pull into the kiss and go lane. Your items will then be placed on the curb next to your car. Please wear a mask. Thanks!”

Remote Learning

Remote learning begins tomorrow (Monday, November 30th)! To keep the students’ routine the same, we will maintain our in-person schedule. Students will be required to log on live through Zoom for attendance/class meeting (9:00), AMP (9:15), math (11:10), reading (1:00), and writing (2:30) Monday through Thursday for synchronous learning. If your child will not be able to log on during our live synchronous time due to an appointment, being sick, etc. please email their teacher ahead of time to communicate the absence. We will be continuing to use our Daily Lesson Slideshow in Google Classroom. Our Zoom link for our live sessions will be in the slideshow daily as well. AMP links are on the AMP slide of our daily slideshows (and will rotate weekly). 

Lessons will be available in Google Classroom starting at about 8:45am each morning. Please have students learning-ready (dressed, at a desk/table, breakfast in and bathroom out) and logged into Zoom by 9am for our morning meeting and attendance. We will not be able to upload lessons early, as we would like students to participate in the live learning first and continue to work on schedule, as if we were together in class. 

Reminder of Remote Learning Student Expectations:

  • Be on time to all synchronous learning with your camera turned on (we will be taking attendance at every synchronous time, and reporting attendance to our office staff for follow up).

  • Be dressed, ready for learning, on Zoom, and Google Chat open by 9:00.

  • Be in an appropriate location for learning, such as at a desk or table. (Students should not be in bed.)

  • Bathroom breaks should be taken care of prior to logging into each Zoom meeting. 

  • Students will only use the chat to communicate with their teacher.

  • Work should be done the day it is assigned and turned in by 3:30 each day.

  • Students should be working on school related assignments daily during the school day 9:00 - 3:30.

  • Art, PE, and Music class is required to participate in and complete and turn in any of those assignments. These will be live. 

  • If students finish their math prior to 12:10, they should spend the remaining time playing a suggested math game from our math slides in the daily slideshow.

  • If students finish reading prior to 2:00, they should spend the remaining time reading independently and working on their stamina.

  • If students finish writing prior to 3:20, they should continue free writing for the remainder of the time. 

  • Each Friday will be asynchronous starting December 4th. Students should continue to work on schedule but work independently through each slide. 

  • Students will be working from 9am until 3:30pm each day with a few breaks and lunch/recess in between. Please remind students to work slide by slide, do the “if finished early” suggestions at the end of each lesson, and turn in all work by 3:30. 

Our Daily Schedule-

Remember to have faith in your child, allow them to use their “struggle muscle” (this develops critical thinking skills!), take a break when the struggle turns into frustration, encourage them to grow their growth mindset (stay positive), be patient, and believe that we are in this together! Let us know how we can help you with navigation, programs, and curriculum. We are here to meet your child’s needs. Thanks for everything you do at home. Let’s do this together!


Mrs. Vallory Darting, M. Ed. 

Mrs. Katie Nardi, M. Ed.

4th Grade Teachers

Blue Heron Elementary