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 Hi 5th Grade Families,

Happy Pi Day! This week, we have learned about interview skills for YAT, took a skills assessment, filled out our investment and job applications, and will be preparing our YAT checkbooks.  During the lesson on interview skills, students had a chance to write down the interview questions that they will be asked next week for their YAT jobs. If you have a chance, please review these questions with your student in the next week, so they will feel well prepared for interviews this Tuesday (the 20th). It is hard to believe we only have about a week left before spring break and then Young Ameritowne will be here! If you would still like to help with interviews, please let us know and we will include you in the interviewing rotations. All materials will be provided. Thanks for you help!
This week in Friday folders, we will be sending home the YAT field day permission slips. All funds were paid at the beginning of the year, so simply sign and return the slips on Monday the 19th. No need to include any checks or cash. They are bright ORANGE and will be hard to miss! 
Thanks to all that have or are planning to conference with students either here at school or at home. Students will be bringing their SOAR binders home for conferencing tomorrow after school if they are planning to lead the conference themselves at home. Please take 15 minutes or so to look through the 2nd trimester items, goals, and accomplishments Thursday night. They have all shown great growth this year. I can't wait for them to share it all with you. Please have your child return their SOAR binders on Friday.
Have a great rest of the week. Please let me know if you have any questions. 

Mrs. Vallory Darting, M.Ed.

and the 5th Grade Team

Blue Heron Elementary School

Littleton, CO