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Hi 4th Grade Families,

Happy March! Please check out the news and events for 4th grade this month...

Important Dates

3/1 Trimester 2 Report Cards Home

3/4 Report Card Envelope Signed and Due Back

3/11-3/15 Spirit Week

3/14 School Resource Officer Visit

3/25-3/29 Spring Break

School Resource Officer Presentation

Jefferson County School Resource Officer (SRO), Deputy Everhart is coming to Blue Heron to educate our third and fourth graders about Internet safety and responsibilities with cell phones. This presentation will take place on Thursday, March 14th from 1:40 - 2:30. We would love to have parents attend this presentation as well. Deputy Everhart is also planning to stay after the presentation to do a Q&A with just the parents immediately following his student presentation. We tried to schedule this close to the end of the school day to make it more convenient for parents to be able to attend.

Homework (no changes from the Jan/Feb Newsletter)

In an effort to save paper, 4th graders will continue to receive the reading log and word work front and back each week. Those who are interested in the cursive sheet can still request it to be attached as well. Math will be sent to you via a printable PDF attachment or will be listed on the homework page as practice on a suggested website. Thanks!

CMAS/PARCC Spirit Week Schedule




Monday, March 11th

“Get Your Rest Before the Test”

School-Appropriate PJs

Female, Girl, Pajamas, Woman

Tuesday, March 12th

“Beat Your Score”

Any Athletic Team Shirt

File:Packers 13uniforms.png

Wednesday, March 13th

“Rock the Test”

1980’s Clothes

... I ♥ 80s | by Kwintin

Thursday, March 14th

“Dress for Success”

Business Attire for YAT

Woman In Business SuitBusiness Man

Friday, March 15th

“Hit It Out of the Park”

Baseball Cap

Cap, Baseball, Hat, Isolated, ...

CMAS/PARCC Testing Dates

Fourth grade will be taking the CMAS/PARCC in English language arts and math the first two weeks of April. As the schedule is released, we will let you know specific dates and times for fourth grade testing. The testing window opens mid-March. Students have been hard at work reviewing test-taking strategies, practicing the online tools, and learning what to expect through practice on computer-based unit 1-3 assessments for English and Math at If you would like to give it a try to see what types of questions your child can answer, we recommend you give it a try too! Are you smarter than a 4th grader? :-)


We are coming to a close on Unit 7: Decimals and Fractions very soon. The end unit assessment is the second week of March, and we will begin Unit 8: Geometry.


Fourth graders are in the middle of historical fiction and literary essay units.


Students have learned all about ecosystems. They will compare and contrast ecosystems around the world and the various roles organisms have. They will learn how organisms are classified by kingdom. Students will analyze and interpret data representing variations in a trait to compare and contrast plants and animals within related species.

Social Studies

Students are continuing to learn about the different groups of people that have come to Colorado. As historians, students engage with primary and secondary sources to gather information about the diverse people who lived here or migrated to Colorado over time.


Students continue to develop their coding skills and use technology to practice concepts in math, science, and social studies research. We will be reviewing graphing, data, shapes, and other 4th grade math concepts online as we get closer to PARCC testing.

Have a great weekend, stay safe and warm, and happy March!


Mrs. Babcock, Miss Cain, and Mrs. Darting

4th Grade Teachers

Blue Heron Elementary School