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Hi 4th Grade Families,

Happy Halloween! We had such a fun day today. Thanks for all the great party food and craft donations and for the video submissions for the virtual parade. We couldn’t have done it without you! Here is the link to the virtual Halloween Parade to enjoy, if you haven’t watched it already.  


Important Upcoming Dates

Oct. 31: Halloween and Daylight Savings Time Ends

Nov. 9: Panera Bread Spirit Night

Nov. 11: Virtual Math Night/Veteran’s Day

Nov. 12: Original Works Online Deadline (for delivery before Winter Break)

Nov. 13: No School (Staff Development Day) and Holiday Scholastic Book Orders Due (Darting code: GTGMD)

Nov. 23-27: No School (Thanksgiving Break)

Dec. 3: Late Original Works Due (for delivery in January)

Dec. 18: Winter Holiday Parties

Dec. 21-Jan. 5: No School (Winter Break)


Original Works

Original Works is our online fundraiser program to support our art program. 30% of the sales come back to our school. The funds will be used to buy additional art materials we need during the pandemic. The biggest expense this year is having enough materials, so the students are safe and not sharing materials.


The online gallery is open now. If your child participated, there will be a flyer coming home in their Friday folder. It will have the directions and the codes you need to place your order. It is important to pay attention to the deadlines if you want the products back by the holidays.


Deadline for online orders 11/12 11:59pm MST

Orders will arrive 12/4

Late orders dates 11/16 - 12/3

Late orders will arrive in January


PTA Fundraiser

Thank you to everyone that has already participated in our school “S’COOL Fundraising” to earn PUPZ and other prizes. Inside the fundraising envelope, you will find the coupons to bring in to trade for PUPZ. The first one only requires the student to do a good deed and get a parent signature, so all kiddos can get at least one PUPZ, even without selling anything! Items are for sale through November 11th and once the order is placed, the items are packaged and sent directly to homes. Make sure to take a look at the goodies and holiday-themed items for sale. They make great gifts too! Thanks for your help to raise funds for Blue Heron. 


Social Studies

We are starting our 2nd social studies unit next week. This one is all about our state “Becoming Colorado.” We will dig into primary versus secondary sources. We will also analyze the historical era, use geographic tools, and understand political and physical systems, in regards to human connections and economic incentives. 



Students are finishing up the multiplication unit this next month and will begin division! Please continue to review multiplication facts at home to prepare for our upcoming division and simplifying fractions math units. 



In reading, we have been learning about finding the main idea and supporting details in nonfiction text. We have also been learning about the five text structures: Cause/Effect, Problem/Solution, Chronological Order (Sequential), Compare/Contrast, and Description. At home, you can help by reading a short article/story together with your child, and then helping your child to identify the main idea and three supporting details. 



In writing, students have continued nonfiction pieces in their online writing journals. Students were asked to choose one of their writing pieces to take completely through the writing process. Yesterday, kids worked on revising and editing their selected piece. Next week, students will make any additional adjustments to their writing, will make sure they’ve included at least three text features, and then will turn in the final copy for a grade. At home, you can check with your child to see which nonfiction writing piece they have chosen, and if they have completed their revising and editing so they are caught up for Monday!


Thank you again for your support of Blue Heron. Don’t forget to fall forward tomorrow night for an extra hour of sleep! Have a happy Halloween and stay safe and warm. 




Mrs. Vallory Darting, M. Ed. 

Mrs. Katie Nardi, M. Ed.

4th Grade Teachers

Blue Heron Elementary