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Hi Fourth Grade Families,

Today was our 4th grade student-led spring conferences. Students should have accessed the conference template, called “Student-Led Spring Conference Slideshow,” in Google Classroom (under the “Classwork” tab, and then in the “Conferences” portion) to conduct their conference with you. If you have not yet had the chance to review the slides today, please follow the presentation slide by slide to cover class assignments, grades, and goals for each subject. In the front pocket of their homework binders, students also brought home their MAP winter testing data yesterday, along with a MAP Family Report that helps explain what the numbers mean and a predicted “likely” score for the state CMAS test, per the data. Thanks for taking the time to conference at home (and with us, if applicable). We hope you have enjoyed celebrating the progress your child has made these past two trimesters. Continue to check your student’s Google Classroom and Think Central links throughout this last trimester to keep up-to-date with your child’s progress. Second trimester report cards will be available March 5th in Jeffco Connect. 

***As a reminder, please help remind your child to charge their Chromebook each night so that it is fully charged and ready for school the next day.

Important Upcoming Dates 

Feb. 15 - No School (President’s Day)

Feb. 19 - Kahoot Family Trivia Night 6:30 - 7:30   

Feb. 26 - No School (Teacher Development Day)

Mar. 5 - 2nd Trimester Report Cards Available

Literacy Research

During our literacy block over the last few weeks, students have been conducting research on a given topic. Students spent two weeks researching a state of their choice and were given specific “look fors” within their research. Hopefully you were able to read their research paper today during your conference with your child. If not, you can find it in Google Classroom under the “Classwork” tab, and then in the “Writing” portion. We will be printing these off next week and displaying them in the hallway. Students also completed a state placemat that will accompany their research paper in the hallway. See example image below:

This past week, and continuing during this upcoming week, students have been researching a president of their choice. Again, students have specific “look fors” within their presidential research. It would be great to have your child share with you what they’ve already found out about their chosen president. The specifics of what they should have already found can be found in our “Daily Lesson Slideshows” from this week.   

Class Picture Orders

We had our individual pictures taken this past Tuesday for our school class picture. If you would still like to order, please go to the website: and click on "Before Picture Day." Our school code is in today's parent email. All orders are due by Friday, February 19th. More info about the student's individual picture orders to come. 


Thanks PTA!

We, the 4th grade team, would like to thank you for your enormous generosity over the years with fundraising. The money raised by PTA has allowed our 4th grade team to purchase over $700 worth of OG materials, classroom books, and technology for 4th grade this month. Below is a picture of some of the materials that have already arrived. We are excited about these goodies and look forward to using them right away! Thank you, Blue Heron families, and thank you, PTA! 

Have a wonderful weekend and stay warm. Thanks for all your support for Blue Heron and all you do at home to keep the school year running smoothly. We appreciate you so much. 


Mrs. Vallory Darting, M.Ed.

Mrs. Katie Nardi, M. Ed.

4th Grade Blue Heron Teachers