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Dear Fourth Grade Families,

We can't believe we have less than just 12 days left of school. The last day of school is Thursday, May 23rd, and the students will be dismissed at 1 pm. As a special end-of-year event just for fourth grade, once again, we will be having a talent show. Each student is encouraged to contribute in some way. There will be emcees, commercial breaks, stage hands, and performances. Students will be signing up to let us know what they are interested in doing for the showcase. If your child would like to share a talent that cannot be performed at school, he/she is welcome to share a video (YouTube) link with the homeroom teacher that can be shown during the talent show. Their performance should be between 2-3 minutes. Also, all students that require music should make sure that there is a "clean" version of the song available on YouTube that we can use during the show. Unfortunately, due to capacity limits, the talent show is for 4th grade students only, and we will not be able to have additional audience members. (Sign-up link for students who would like to participate sent home in an email 5-7-19.)


Here is our Last Day of School Schedule:

9:00-9:30  Yearbook or Memory book autograph signing

9:30-10:00 Class Business

10:00-11:45 Talent Showcase (students only)

12:00 Family Picnic outside of 4th grade rooms

1:00 Dismissal  (If leaving early, you must sign out with your child’s teacher)


After the talent show (around noon), we will have a picnic on the grassy area outside Mrs. Babcock’s classroom on the northwest side of the school. Students should bring a sack lunch to enjoy and some outdoor toys that are school appropriate. Parents are welcome to picnic with us at this time, and students will be dismissed at 1 pm.


Please let us know if you have any questions. This is going to be so fun!


Thank you,


Mrs. Babcock, Miss Cain, and Mrs. Darting

4th Grade Team

Blue Heron Elementary School