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 Hi 5th Grade Families,

Happy mid-April! I can't believe we have a little more than a month left of school before the summer. Where did the school year go?
CMAS Update
Wow, the students have worked very hard on the CMAS (Colorado PARCC) tests the last few weeks. I am so very proud of the concentration and dedication they have shown on each test. We have one more left and will finish the end of this week. The science CMAS test will assess their knowledge of K-5th grade science curriculum. The students have enjoyed going through the slide show each grade helped to put together for review. 
MAP Flex Day Sign-Up
MAP testing begins the end of April. On April 30th and May 4th we will have our end-of-year assessment flex days where we will all be taking the MAP Language Usage (writing) assessment. There will be 3 MAP tests in all (including Reading and Math), and we will finish the others during normal reading and math times at school. The sign-up link went out in Friday's School Messenger.
Young Ameritowne Follow-Up
On Friday, we balanced our checkbooks for YAT and sent them home. We will see a short slide show and look at some pictures together this week. The staff at YAT said our students were the easiest group they have had all year. Such a great group of kids; we really enjoy them! Thanks for all you do on your end to make our job so awesome. 
Growing and Changing
We are right on schedule in science. Students start female anatomy this week. This part of the unit usually takes 2 instructional days as we also cover menstruation. Following that, we will go into fertilization and fetal development. The students have been AWESOME for each day of the unit so far. Their questions are thoughtful and mature.
In writing, we are starting the final (and very fun!) unit. For the Informational Interview Unit, kids will interview an adult NOT living in their home that they see as a positive leader or hero. They can interview relatives, neighbors, bus drivers, coaches...just about anyone that you are comfortable with them interviewing. 
We just began the unit last week, so we have a lot to cover still, but we are asking that you begin to discuss potential candidates for this interview in the next few days. The interview itself needs to be done by NEXT Monday, April 23. For this unit, students will take the information from the interview and write both an article and a presentation to present to the class. This has been an outstanding way for kids to showcase their learning from the year in a very unique way. 
Today, we are beginning our instruction around the last few units of math and will learn our new math groups. Math HW will begin again next week each Wednesday evening. More information to follow as we refine our exact plans for the kids the last month and a half of school. 

Social Studies

We have begun our unit on the Constitution! Students have learned why and what it is and will continue to dive deeper into its articles and amendments during the coming weeks. As a culminating activity, students will be assigned one amendment each to do some research on and present before the end of the year. If you would like to work together with your child at home, I highly recommend the website There are a lot of great lessons and fun games students can play to learn more about our government. 
Have a wonderful week! Thanks for all you do for your student and for our school. We wouldn't be able to do it without you!

Mrs. Vallory Darting, M.Ed.

5th Grade Teacher

Blue Heron Elementary School

Littleton, CO